1. Become a CSHSE member to access the valuable resources that will support your goal toward program accreditation.
  2. Become familiar with the accreditation standards and CSHSE policies and procedures by reading the Member Handbook: Guidelines for Accreditation and Self-Study.
  3. Consult with the CSHSE VPA or any Board Member-at-Large to clarify the accreditation process.
  4. Develop a timeline. The initial accreditation requires time to:
    1. Develop a philosophy for your program. What are the beliefs and values that provide the foundation for professional development in your program?
    2. Review your program’s curriculum using the Matrix template for your program’s degree level. Revise and seek approval of any curriculum changes through your institution’s curriculum development and approval process.
    3. Review your program’s policies and procedures. Revise and develop manuals to promote transparency of your program’s intentions with students and the community.
  5. Create your support system to write the self-study: administration, faculty, adjunct faculty, advisory board members, student services staff, library staff, technical support staff, etc.