Call for Manuscripts

Call for Manuscripts

Call for Manuscripts

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Council for Standards in Human Services Education is seeking manuscripts for a monograph on ethics education in human services. The monograph will contain topics to assist the teaching of ethics in human services degree programs. We are interested in high-quality, scholarly work that, as a collection, will address comprehensive ethics education. Relevant topics include: morals education; critical thinking/thinking abilities; ethics in nonprofit organizations; values examination; student development and ethics; ethics’ basics; self-knowledge/personal development; ethics in student-faculty projects; ethical leadership; ethics and culture; living ethically every day; workplace ethics; ethics with clients; faculty influence on students’ ethical development; ethical codes; ethics in field experiences; decision-making in ethically-sensitive situations. Other topics will be considered.


There is a two-step process for submitting manuscripts.  First, prospective authors will submit one double-spaced page that conceptualizes his/her/their proposed manuscript. Proposals should be well focused on one topic area (see paragraph above). With a positive response to the one-page proposal, authors will proceed with a full manuscript, which will be reviewed for fit with the monograph and the usual features that are required for refereed journals (e.g., APA style, professional writing). Details will be provided if the proposal is accepted for the full manuscript. See the Timeline for the Monograph below for deadlines. All questions and submissions should be emailed to Linda Wark at  

Full manuscripts will:

  • Contain well-documented knowledge on the topic that aims to provide instructors with information and a context for teaching it;
  • Explain how the topic contributes to comprehensive ethics education;
  • Describe the pedagogy and any other theory used to incorporate teaching of the topic; and
  • Offer teaching resources for the instructor and activities for students to engage with the topic and its learning goals.

Timeline for the monograph:

  • February 15:  Submission of one page on the content of the proposed submission.  Submit by email to  Be sure to have your name on the page.
  • March 1:  Notice to proceed or non-acceptance
  • May 1:  Submission of manuscript to
  • December 31 or earlier: Decision to proceed with monograph or to halt production of monograph that has too few submissions
  • 2021:  Publication

Manuscripts will not be considered if they:

  1. Have content that has been previously published;
  2. Contain any material that appears to or can be shown to involve plagiarism (citations, citations, citations!); or
  3. Contain only practical how-to information

Acceptance of full manuscripts

Final decisions for acceptance of full manuscripts will be made by the monograph editor, Linda Wark, Ph.D., Professor, Human Services, Purdue University Fort Wayne and Lynne Kellner, Ph.D., Vice-President of Publications of CHSHE and Professor, Behavioral Sciences, Fitchburg State University.

Acceptance is not guaranteed. If this monograph itself fails due to a lack of manuscripts, all submissions will be under the control of his/her/their original author(s). If the monograph succeeds, typical copyright policies will apply.

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