• Membership follows the fiscal year, July 1 thru June 30.
  • Programs can support the work of the Council through active membership, whether or not the program is accredited.
  • To become a member, complete the Membership Application found on the Council website and submit it with a check for the annual dues to ASCENT Management or complete online application and online payment. 
  • Membership dues must be paid on an annual basis concurrent with the academic year, July 1 through June 30, as follows:
    • The membership dues are $500 for the fiscal year, July 1-June 30. 
    • Invoices are mailed on April 1, payment is due no later than July 15.
    • If payment has not been received by September 15, a second billing is sent with a $25.00 late charge.
    • If a member program has not paid their membership by September 15th, they will be
      charged a $25 late fee. If payment is not received by October 31st, a reinstatement fee of
      $75 will also be charged. And if not received by December 31st, accredited programs will
      lose their accreditation as well as their membership and be required to reapply.
  • Programs that have multiple sites pay the $500 membership fee for the first site and $50 membership fee for each additional site. For example, a program that is delivered at four sites will pay $500 for the first site, and $50 for each of the additional three sites for a total of $700 annually.
  • Current membership must be maintained as a condition of accreditation. If membership lapses for non-payment, accredited programs are notified by mail that the accreditation has lapsed.
  • Program accreditation that has lapsed for non-payment can be reinstated within 90 days of December 31 (received by March 31) by paying the outstanding membership fee, the $25 late charge, and a reinstatement charge of $75.


Member Registration